Luther Higgs

by Luther Higgs

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"Luther Higgs are Montreal’s best kept post-rock secret. In a town full of vital musical energy, sometimes something really special will fall through the cracks, or won’t receive the attention it fully deserves, getting lost among the myriad voices trying to bend your ear.

Luther Higgs were a band for a few years, but now they’ve quietly called it quits, as bands tend to do, and left those of us who loved them in the lurch, so to speak… cos those of us who caught them live in Montreal (they never did any out of town shows, to my knowledge) were outspoken champions of their efforts, to no avail. The quality of their music relative to the amount of attention they received here is sometimes mind boggling to me.

Luther Higgs were an instrumental post-rock band with heavy leanings. They managed to self-release a few demos of increasingly high quality, and play a decent amount of shows around town, sometimes opening for touring bands to modest crowds, sometimes playing to myself and 2 other people in some dive bar. They never seemed to have that careerist drive that some bands have, hitting the road for weeks on end. They never had cheesy press photos (or any press photos, come to think of it) or even t-shirts on the merch table… just a few humble cdr’s which they always gave away for free. They are quiet young dudes who’s stoic stage presence perfectly suited the tidal ebb and flow of their music. A shame you’ll never get the chance to be pulled into their gently building wall of sound in person, with full stage volume. I would harass them about properly recording their jams. They’d always just shrug at me and say something along the lines of “maybe someday”.

Well, here it is… a fucking remarkable preservation of their finest material. They might be walking away, but they’ve committed this righteous slab of Rock Power to the immortal internet. You can stream it, or download it for free. I hear tell of some physical copies being made for the benefit of those who adored them as I do, so perhaps you can get in touch with one of the guys and see about procuring a physical manifestation of this gem, if that’s your cup of tea. I’m pretty stoked that this record exists. It certainly does the band justice, and, as a hopeless romantic, I picture people stumbling across this album in the future, and really falling in love with it.

For fans of Slint, Isis, Pelican, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai etc.
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Sean (The Great Sabatini)"

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Luther Higgs is Chris See Hoye, Li Reid, Brad Richardson, Pat Napier

All songs written, arranged and performed by Luther Higgs except “SEVEN” written by Luther Higgs and KEV BONICS

Engineering and additional production by PAUL EDWARDS (
Mixing and mastering by CHRIS SEE HOYE
Artwork by WURMZILLA (

Recorded live in studio at HOUDINI wRECkORDINGS in Montreal on August 17th, 2013

Runtime: 42:04

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released December 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Luther Higgs Montréal, Québec

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